From Victim to Partner in Holocaust

During my visit to DC, I visited Holocaust Museum. It was really sad to see how Jews were persecuted by Nazi Germany prior to and during WW2. A civilised society as well as a human is expected to avoid doing something to others which they or he didnt like happening to them or him. Isnt it horrifying and disgusting that on one hand Israel expects civilised world to feel for them but at the same time Israel is involved in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Palestine and stands as accomplice to fascist Modi (21st Century Hitler) for similar crimes in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Two wrongs do not make a right. I for one didnt feel for Jews while visiting Holocaust Museum. In so called enlightened 21st century World, human rights organisations as well as powers to be are indifferent and callous towards this 21st century Holocaust. I wish people act more, than talking more and US and Isreal stop making mockery and fool out of us. In future there may be another museum to highlight atrocities and heinous crimes committed by India and Isreal similar to Holocaust.

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