Craving for a Leader

First is reference of an article authored by Farrukh Khan Pitafi published in today’s Express tribune.

Second is refernce of my blog date 7 Aug 19.

Both are strongly recommended for reading and cross reference. It shows how realpolitik is endangering the world. There is a 1963 English movie titled, ‘Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World’. I feel inspite of human growth in knowledge we have transited from madness to craziness. In 21st century it could be titled as, ‘Its Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Wrold. Men of knowledge like Stephen Hawlking, predicted that the world is in danger because of Brexit, Trump and AI. Modi can also be included in this list. There was a time when a scornful US’ Secretary of State Madeleine Albright called, Pakistan as ‘Global Migraine’. If asked today she may term India as, ‘Global Piles’ because actions of Modi government are defying all elements of civility. Mr Pitafi feels that the world is waiting for another Churchill who can call a spade a spade. I have repeatedly felt that Modi is a blessing is disguise for Pakistan. He is doing to India what enemies of India might have on their wish list.