War of Another Kind

PM Imran Khan’s article in The New York Times… published today

India’s aggression in IOK has agitated and dismayed people of Pakistan. Ordinarily emotional people are charged and clamouring for a military showdown with India. Their demand is justified and perfectly in order but as a student of warfare I can vouch that character of warfare has changed. Those who want to probe further should read the book, “War in 140 Characters” by Patrikarakos. It says in new form of warfare, bullets have been replaced by Tweets and it’s more importat to win battle of narrative than winning physical battle. Social media has provided new tools to wage war. Its war by pen and not by sword. I feel proud in saying that my honourable Prime Minister has waged this different and new kind of war against India. He is fighting the war with his pen. He is building a narrative and unleashing power of pen. Those who are aware of this power need not rely on power of gun. Thanks to Allah we have a leader who calls a spade a spade, who is bold, who plays lot better under pressure, who holds national interest supreme. I am confident he will win the battle of pen and the battle of narrative. Long Live Pakistan. Kashmir will become part of Pakistan. In Sha Allah.

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