Evolving Situation in ME

From Victim to Partner in Holocaust

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In September 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I had then written the above cited blog. Ever since then attitude of victims of Holocaust has grown from bad to worst. In the intervening period from then to now, ME has witnessed certain meteoric changes which have ushered-in a new cycle of instability in the ME.

Firstly, omnipresent Shia-Sunni discord reached to new heights with animosity of KSA and Iran. As a consequence new war zones emerged in the ME. Secondly, Arab world split into two blocs. KSA led Sunni-Wahabi bloc and Egypt/Iran led bloc which is mix of Sunni and Shia. A non-Arab bloc also tried to rear its head but it was successfully quashed by KSA before its birth. Thirdly, Arab States led by KSA got into new embrace with Israel which seemed bizarre to say the least. Fourthly, MBS initiated ambitious and unsustainable reforms in internal dynamics of KSA. He has ventured to transform KSA from ultra-orthodoxy to ultra-modernity. Such a sudden transition is neither ideologically nor temporally sustainable. In all these four meteoric changes in the ME, KSA has been a torch bearer and harbinger.

At the time of Arab-Israel cuddle, I had predicted that it will bring greater instability and chaos in ME. My basic rationale has been that Israel is a worst kind of revisionist state of the World. It is like a restless octopus which leaves no opportunity to grab more. Israel will never cease to expand and it will expand at the expense of same very Arab-States burying their head like an ostrich and finding solace in so-called peace with Israel.

Forces in the Muslim world inalienably attached to key Muslim interests have not been able to bear a brazen sell-out of Muslim interests. President Erdogan has rightly said, “if we cannot defend Alquds we may lose ability to defend Madina too”. Disunity and indifferent leadership of Muslim world have emboldened, the global-cruel-twins ie Israel and India.

In the presence of atrocities and heinous crimes against Muslims, the aggrieved is left with no option but to resort to asymmetric war. The weaker is compelled to adopt asymmetric techniques of fighting. The enlightened World will then come to question the legality of Jihad. What else people under subjugation can be expected to do? It is foreseen that the present situation might turn into another cycle of global Jihad.

I am reminded of George Friedman who has said in “Next 100 Years” that instability (not stability) is the key interest of the US in ME. Consequently, once again instability has come to rule the roost.

21 Century Geopolitics are in play. Recently Henry Kissinger has desired for better sense to prevail but seemingly, his advise is not being heeded to. The waning US is likely to do all in its domain to muddle the waters. The sole-superpower and its allies are busy in great games. While gaming may be pleasure-some for them, the humanity suffers.

The voice of global conscience is being gagged by the powers to be. FB, Instagram, social media and electronic media is focusing on Hamas actions and Israeli counter-actions, where as the humanity’s suffering is not being highlighted. It is understandable because the powers to be have information-dominance and these are the tools in their hands to achieve this objective. Aljazeera tower has been blown up by Israel to eliminate sources of counter narratives.

The counter balancing emerging powers like China and Russia must step-in to check unbridled powers of sole-superpower and cruelty of global vagabond ie Israel. Muslims must get united and Muslim leadership must shun self-serving interests for religious obligations. OIC should develop fangs rather than being a lame duck. The UN should live up-to its expectations. FB, Instagram, Social Media must serve humanity rather than evil powers. Success of evil powers will be loss of all. Else Hitler may be proven right that the Third World War may be caused by the Jews.

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