Djinn of Modern World

It’s my observation that humans were bestowed with certain capabilities by nature. Whenever humans were confronted with actions beyond perceived capabilities of humans, they attributed these to Djinn. Metaphorically, Djinn have taken different forms in periods of human history. In medieval times these were invisible giants who could move gigantic rocks and perform tasks beyond capabilities of humans. The US being super power of the world is metaphorically a kind of Djinn. Whatever, we perceive unachievable is attributed to the US. We place the US a notch lower than God. During my visit to Tesla (thanks to Ali my son working here) I was awe struck with complexity and enormity of the system. I feel like calling Elon Musk as a modern day Djinn. In the car manufacturing I saw unprecedented and unbeknownst integration of humans and machines. There were robots all around. We saw less humans and more of robots. One human functioning three to four robots. In glass cabins the robots performed their assigned tasks with splendid accuracy, precision and speed. With experience of seening manufacturing line of Gripen Jet (Swedish fighter plane) visit to Tesla was just amazing. The kind of functions I saw in Tesla can be attributed to a Djinn because such a integration, synchronisation and execution is beyond proportions. Indeed Elon is a modern day Djinn.

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