Above video is getting viral. The narrator is building a case that poor work ethics of people of Pakistan are due to buffalo milk. It’s indeed a forceful projection of a narrative, however, I want to give different perspective.

Towards fag end of my military career, I had opportunity to manage live stock of Pakistan Army. My views are based on my exposure to the subject and my reflections.

Mother Nature has blessed Buffalo to very less regions of the world and the developed world is endowed with Cow. So milk producing animal of developed world is cow and that of countries of our region is buff. Apparently, it’s bizarre that Mother Nature produced a black skinned animal for warmer regions of the world. However, justifications and logics of Mother Nature are beyond our comprehension. These may be unbeknownst to us. Our lack of knowledge doesn’t mean Mother Nature could have gone wrong. Latest research is also proving that Buff milk is far better than cow milk.

If we admit that Mother Nature always has a sound justification for something prevailing on the globe, then how can buff milk be bad for us. Developed world had wherewithal to carry out all the research on their animal ie Cow. Whereas our animal ie Buff remained neglected due to our poor research ability. Developed world has always belittled our animal. The gentleman in the video got carried away with same logic of the West. He resorted to self-bashing.

Indeed we are lethargic, we are less active, we are less aggressive, we are slackers; but the reason doesn’t lie in what he has identified. The reason lies else where. Which I shall attempt to identify in next blog. Allah may bless us all.

Fearing to Taste Own Medicine


In 2009, heading a delegation to the US, I got an opportunity to interact with the US authorities. In those years, India had set the stage for two front scenario for Pakistan. India was staring into our eyes from the East and had wherewithal to vitiate our Western Front. We complained to the US authorities regarding Indian involvement in terrorism from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Then there were 8 consulates of India strung along Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

US authorities suffering from their wilful BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) countered our allegation saying that they always hear such complaints from Pakistani delegates but they (US) haven’t found any evidence. I retorted that, any one who knows history of animosity of Pakistan and India doesn’t need any evidence. Logically speaking none of the two countries, given an opportunity will leave any stone unturned to harm the opponent.

Even since then, though Pakistan has provided ample evidence but US has stuck to their BFO.

Nature has its own way of turning the tables. I had predicted since long that; with the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, two aspects will be corrected by default. Firstly, unjustified political dispensation in Afghanistan will be rectified ie minority will cease to rule the majority and majority will get back its right to rule. It has already happened. Secondly, India will be cut to size, that has too happened.

Unlike Geopolitics of 19 and 20th century, one is good thing is happening incase of Geopolitics of 21st century. More or so the West/US stays as one antagonist where as China is emerging as second antagonist. India is replacing Pakistan as a conduit and Hindu fundamentalist is replacing Muslim fundamentalist as fodder for fighting. Pakistan is over with the dirty part of the game, India will serve this purpose for the US incase of 21st century Geopolitics.

Above quoted statement of Indian CDS, speaks of India’s fear of tasting its own medicine. The time has come for India to reap what it has sown. I have no reasons to substantiate that it’s actually happening but again taking corollary from my previous argument, why shall Pakistan waste an opportunity to pay back to India what it received in past two decades.

In short I will say to Indians, ABBAHI TO PRTY SHUROO HOI HAI, (stay calm, the party has just begun)

The Scourge of Social Media

Social media has removed all barriers from sharing of information. In a way it’s highly beneficial in sharing of knowledge. However, no technological advancement is free of pitfalls. Improvement in connectivity of the globe and it’s turning into global village has eroded control of a nation-state on flow of information. Accessibility to new technologies is providing similar exposure to developed, semi-developed and underdeveloped societies. Here development doesn’t imply economic development. Rather it implies development in ethics, morality and morals.

Developed societies have a combined ability to draw maximum benefits and ward off pitfall. However, story of underdeveloped societies is far different. They get overwhelmed by pitfalls of new technology.

Pakistan is a society which has suffered societal decay due to many reasons but mainly prolonged conflict. Prolonged conflict created anti-merit environment by throwing up a breed of sycophants, parvenues and opportunists. These conflicts brought in easy money and craze for materialistic pursuits. These conflicts eroded ethics, morals and values of society. Societies are driven by shame and guilt. Both these stop a human from committing a sin. Both these attributes have disappeared from Pakistani society.

Societal decay along with lack-lustre management and regulation has created a dangerous mix. Social media has provided a platform to further damage our ethics. Since there is no system of attributability of content on social media. People are holding no bars in baseless allegations. Islam strictly stops us from levelling allegations on others. However, utterly against these teachings and ethics, as a society we have started drawing pleasure in ridiculing and dishonouring others. Worst is happening against women of fame.

It’s so immoral that pornographic material is attributed to a lady of fame even if there is 10 percent of resemblance of personalities in the clip. Such clips then spread like fire on social media by irresponsible sharing. No system can check unhealthy trends in society unless each member of society realises his or her responsibility. It’s deplorable to see even so called educated lot further sharing such clips while even an insane person can find inadequate reasons to believe that clip of that particular personality.

It is said that such trend was initiated by political parties to malign opponents. But no one realises that such trends can backfire onto us. It’s already happening and the environment has gone so filthy that anything can be attributed to anyone without impunity.

Political parties being a source of leadership for the society must shun such elements who are ruthless in maligning opponents based on unethical, baseless, concocted and fabricated allegations. If one party is doing other may not respond in same kind because two wrongs don’t make a right. Allah may bless us with true spirit of Islam.

Can Afghanistan be Harbinger of Resurgence of Islam

Humiliation of a superpower in Afghanistan has created serious ramifications for the region as well as the globe. Victory of Taliban is bound to initiate a chain of events with long lasting impact. Biggest ramification of the defeat of superpower is that it’s myth of invincibility has been broken

In the context of geopolitics, I had authored an article on Golden Ring of Security in 2018. Same became part of my PhD dissertation. Amidst global transitions, new regions and alliances are emerging. Shifting of power from West to East, Rise of China to replace US as superpower, change in global polarity and Rise of Asia are well accepted outcomes.

Within ambit of these global transitions, hitherto-fore not so integrated countries are finding convergence of interests. Concept of Golden Ring of Security (GROS) is based on a regional alliance between Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. The contours of such a regional grouping have already started to emerge. This alliance is best suited for seeking stability in Afghanistan which I have identified as Threat No1 to CPEC in particular and ambitions of China in general. These regional countries can play a better role in Afghanistan because these are directly impacted by instability in Afghanistan.

Sudden shift in Afghanistan can also have impact on Pakistan related to fillip in activities of TTP. Allama Iqbal had called Afghanistan as heart of Asia. Heart purifies and supplies blood to organs. If Afghanistan becomes functional it will have impact on entire Asia.

This blog is intended to focus on how religion of Islam might gain from victory of Taliban in Afghanistan. If Taliban can exhibit greater maturity (which they are already doing) in giving good governance to Afghanistan, then this victory can become first drop of resurgence of Islam.

Militant Jihad though disfigured in certain cases has been more prevalent in the Muslim World due to global political injustices. Hamas has already greeted Taliban on assumption of power. Taliban have too repeatedly hinted at struggle for liberation of Kashmir. Jihad might again gain prevalence which got bashing for its lumping with terrorism.

Islam as an ideology of justified struggle has gained through success of Taliban. It is foreseen that the victory of Taliban may become harbinger of resurgence of Islam which is long over due.

Shamefaced Superpower

The world is aghast with the outcome in Afghanistan. Indeed it is utter amazement how a superpower has been humbled and embarrassed in the hands of irregular forces. This is what I had written in my book, titled Fighting Shadows in 2018,

“Alas! If Soviet Union had known that Afghanistan was a “graveyard for empires”. One wonders whether the same statement may be repeated tomorrow with reference to the US”

The statement is indeed being repeated. One is bewildered to say the least that how a superpower could be so grossly wrong in its assessments, analysis and intelligence. Weeks ago President Biden asserted that Taliban take over of Kabul was not inevitable. Three days ago US intelligence agencies had predicted that Kabul might fall in 90 days. It has taken 1/30th of time for Kabul to fall. Gross miscalculation seems an understatement.

Almighty superpower has been left to beg Taliban for safety of its embassy staff. It’s equally appalling that a superpower didn’t have contingency planning for evacuation of its embassy staff. First they extricated all troops and then re-inducted a contingent of 6000 soldiers.

On initiation of Operation Enduring Freedom, General Pervez Musharraf had demanded from the US that Northern Alliance should not come to Kabul mounting US tanks. However, the US had no other option because it had to ally with enemy of Taliban. The day Northern Alliance came to Kabul mounting US tanks, the same day India moved into Afghanistan. India had a hey-day with favourable government in Kabul.

Withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan was bound to rectify two distortions in the country due to its presence. Firstly, a flawed political dispensation had to be rectified. Minority rule had to give way to majority rule. Secondly, India had to be cut to size. Both have happened much earlier than expectations.

The tables in Afghanistan haven’t turned rather these have been catapulted. The speed of change is mind boggling. 20 years efforts, money, planning and nation building has gone down the drain.

Rapid changes in Kabul will augur well for overall CPEC related prospective growth and development in the region.

Test of Nerves

In the emerging contours of 21st Century Geopolitics, Pakistan is feeling the heat.

It’s unfortunate but a stark reality that akin to hither-to-fore Pakistan is once again coming to the centre stage of rivalry of giants. First British and Soviet Empire, then US and Soviet Empire, then US and forces of disorder (so to say) and now US and China.

The mere criticality and importance of Pakistan for China as well as contending US is amply proven through two accounts; firstly what kind of efforts China is putting in to retain Pakistan and CPEC and secondly, what kind of efforts opposing camp is putting-in to wean Pakistan away from China and CPEC.

Once again the US has shown how ruthless it is in using and dumping others. Bad days for Pakistan started in particular with new year Tweet of President Trump ie 1 Jan 2018. Then it dawned on to the US that safe exit from Afghanistan isn’t possible sans support of Pakistan. Thus same POTUS reinitiated a bonhomie with Pakistan culminating in visit of PMIK to the US. Now that safe exit has been secured, Pakistan is finding yet again estranged US.

Whatever is happening to Pakistan now, amounts to testing its nerves. Snubbing of Pakistan at environment conference called by President Biden, then snubbing of Pakistan by refusal of President Biden to make a telephone call to PMIK and now snubbing of Pakistan by not inviting to UNSC special session is part of same orchestration. It is aimed at bringing unbearable pressure on to Pakistan. Ultimately, it comes to test of nerves of leadership.

In my PhD dissertation, Coercive US has been identified as one of main threats to CPEC. Pakistan is in deed being coerced.

Iran next doors is excellent example of resoluteness and display of steel nerves. It is expected that Pakistan will display similar steel nerves for betterment of future generations of Pakistan. Opposing forces will try their best. If we succumb we are doomed, we keep standing, these storms with wither away. I am very hopeful that present leadership will not succumb to these pressures and coercion.

A Pariah State and Double Standards of the World


A dispassionate analysis leads to a conclusion that; India has remained a source of conflict in South Asia since it’s independence in 1947. It has had disputes with all of its neighbours and why shouldn’t it have? Seeing it’s strategic thought.

Strategic thought is cumulative response behaviour and attitude of a group of people built over centuries. This becomes a frame of reference of people of that group to react to a given situation. Strategic thought of India is based on Chanakya Doctrine which stipulates, “your neighbour is your natural enemy, whereas neighbour’s neighbour is your friend”. Besides that strategic thought of India is also driven by extremist Hindutva and vision of Akhand Bharat. In this milieu India’s disputes with its neighbours are logical and a foregone conclusion. It’s only for the world not to deny the obvious.

Indian hegemonic attitude has debilitated South Asia with Kautalian Dictum and perpetual instability. South Asia is thus the least integrated, conflict prone and the most impoverished region of the World. Even SAARC failed due to intransigence of India.

In the emerging geopolitics of South Asia, India has emerged as new darling of the US. However, the US is in total denial and disregard of the basic nature of Indian strategic thought. The US seems to be inhibited by BFO (Blinding flash of the obvious). The US is failing to realise that conflict-based Strategic Thought of India renders it incapable of being Net-security provider of the region. India can only suit the US, incase its objectives in the region lie in instability rather than stability.

India is now playing a huge role in marring fair-play of global systems. In 2021, there have been three incidents of stealing of Uranium, but world opted to look other way. There have been reports of drug trafficking, but world is looking other way. Even over 700 days of curfew and heinous crimes of India in Indian Occupied Kashmir has not shaken slumbering conscience of the World. Irrefutable evidence of terrorism and the World is looking other way. Confession of Indian Minister for External Affairs that India has used FATF for political purposes has laid thread-bare meanness-to-the-core of Indian polity. The World will still look other way. Since world isn’t just and fair, so attitude of the world is justified.

However, in the setting of unjust and unfair world, Pakistan must exercise its options. The video attached in the beginning builds a case for mistreated nations like Pakistan to care hoots about biased global organisations like FATF. Pakistan must exercise all of its options to record and rebut impartial attitude of FATF. People of Pakistan must support in building of the case and supporting the government against this blatant injustice.

Change of Heart or Strategy


The US has finally opted to withdraw from Afghanistan. There is a sure implausible deniability regarding failure of a super power in its longest war.

Unfolding of events in Post-US withdrawal is any body’s guess. Crystal-gazing is on and each day new possible scenarios are being churned. All scenarios hold ominous consequences for the unfortunate region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The regions which have remained disturbed for over two centuries of modern history are yet again standing at cross roads.

In the multidimensional global transitions, the most serious lies in emergence of China as a challenger to the US status of super power. It is critical for the US to block rise of China at the max or retard it’s rise to the min. This in view, the most serious retrospection is needed in certain key questions. What is strategic significance of the region in Sino-US Rivalry?Notwithstanding its withdrawal, can US totally delink from this region? And, on the part of US is it change of heart or strategy?

Rise of China is predicated mainly in two main domains, integration of Eurasian Landmass and mitigation of Malacca Dilemma. The first needs critical land routes through CARs and the second needs direct access to Indian Ocean. Kazakhstan happens to be the linchpin for integration of Eurasian Landmass and Pakistan forms linchpin for access to Indian Ocean. Afghanistan lies in the middle of CARs and Pakistan. While stability in these key regions is critical for China’s ambitions; instability in these regions is equally critical for the US to stop China from rising. Afghanistan can serve to radiate instability in all directions. That much about first question. Now I move to the second.

Based on strategic importance of the region, it can be safely presumed that total delinking from this critical region can not be in the interests of the US. Incase, US totally abandons this region, then China will have an easy run for its ambitious plans. Direct involvement through physical presence may no more suit the US, however, indirect involvement through other ways may be essentially required.

Third question is the most critical and warrants serious deliberations. Does US have a change of heart or strategy. Change of heart can imply that the US, in its heart has accepted failure and has given up on its objectives vis-a-vis Afghanistan and the region. While change of strategy may imply that mode is being changed but objectives are not being abandoned. Instead of direct strategy of fighting and suffering, the US may adopt an indirect strategy to achieve its objectives. 21st Century Warfare has brought to fore the role of Non-state actors. It has been same non-state actors which have humiliated a super power.

What if? the US employs same very non-state actors to create chaos in the regions critical for Chinese ambitions. Conduct of peace talks, concessions to TTA, indications to carry out air strikes only against ISIS in Afghanistan raise suspicions regarding purity of intentions of the US. The above cited video seems to serve as an incitement to TTP for carrying out operations in Pakistan. TTP leader has been given an opportunity for an interview on CNN.

If the US and CIA unfolds such plans, the region is up for a bigger chaos than we have witnessed earlier. Malicious role of non-state actors in Afghanistan can give fillip to ETIM in Xinjiang, IMU in Uzbekistan and TTP of Pakistan. These non-state actors if not well managed can serve interests of the US better than its physical presence in Afghanistan.

Stability in Afghanistan may be more critical than any time in the past. Regional countries must join hands to defeat designs of inimical forces and to prevent instability which will radiate its ill effects in all directions.

Evolving Situation in ME

From Victim to Partner in Holocaust

— Read on sammilogger.blog/2019/09/07/from-victim-to-partner-in-holocaust/

In September 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I had then written the above cited blog. Ever since then attitude of victims of Holocaust has grown from bad to worst. In the intervening period from then to now, ME has witnessed certain meteoric changes which have ushered-in a new cycle of instability in the ME.

Firstly, omnipresent Shia-Sunni discord reached to new heights with animosity of KSA and Iran. As a consequence new war zones emerged in the ME. Secondly, Arab world split into two blocs. KSA led Sunni-Wahabi bloc and Egypt/Iran led bloc which is mix of Sunni and Shia. A non-Arab bloc also tried to rear its head but it was successfully quashed by KSA before its birth. Thirdly, Arab States led by KSA got into new embrace with Israel which seemed bizarre to say the least. Fourthly, MBS initiated ambitious and unsustainable reforms in internal dynamics of KSA. He has ventured to transform KSA from ultra-orthodoxy to ultra-modernity. Such a sudden transition is neither ideologically nor temporally sustainable. In all these four meteoric changes in the ME, KSA has been a torch bearer and harbinger.

At the time of Arab-Israel cuddle, I had predicted that it will bring greater instability and chaos in ME. My basic rationale has been that Israel is a worst kind of revisionist state of the World. It is like a restless octopus which leaves no opportunity to grab more. Israel will never cease to expand and it will expand at the expense of same very Arab-States burying their head like an ostrich and finding solace in so-called peace with Israel.

Forces in the Muslim world inalienably attached to key Muslim interests have not been able to bear a brazen sell-out of Muslim interests. President Erdogan has rightly said, “if we cannot defend Alquds we may lose ability to defend Madina too”. Disunity and indifferent leadership of Muslim world have emboldened, the global-cruel-twins ie Israel and India.

In the presence of atrocities and heinous crimes against Muslims, the aggrieved is left with no option but to resort to asymmetric war. The weaker is compelled to adopt asymmetric techniques of fighting. The enlightened World will then come to question the legality of Jihad. What else people under subjugation can be expected to do? It is foreseen that the present situation might turn into another cycle of global Jihad.

I am reminded of George Friedman who has said in “Next 100 Years” that instability (not stability) is the key interest of the US in ME. Consequently, once again instability has come to rule the roost.

21 Century Geopolitics are in play. Recently Henry Kissinger has desired for better sense to prevail but seemingly, his advise is not being heeded to. The waning US is likely to do all in its domain to muddle the waters. The sole-superpower and its allies are busy in great games. While gaming may be pleasure-some for them, the humanity suffers.

The voice of global conscience is being gagged by the powers to be. FB, Instagram, social media and electronic media is focusing on Hamas actions and Israeli counter-actions, where as the humanity’s suffering is not being highlighted. It is understandable because the powers to be have information-dominance and these are the tools in their hands to achieve this objective. Aljazeera tower has been blown up by Israel to eliminate sources of counter narratives.

The counter balancing emerging powers like China and Russia must step-in to check unbridled powers of sole-superpower and cruelty of global vagabond ie Israel. Muslims must get united and Muslim leadership must shun self-serving interests for religious obligations. OIC should develop fangs rather than being a lame duck. The UN should live up-to its expectations. FB, Instagram, Social Media must serve humanity rather than evil powers. Success of evil powers will be loss of all. Else Hitler may be proven right that the Third World War may be caused by the Jews.

Need for Unity of Muslim Ummah

Withering Away of Muslim Ummah

— Read on sammilogger.blog/2018/09/09/withering-away-of-muslim-ummah/

The brazen incidents of blasphemy, hate and desecration of holiest places of Muslims remind me of my above cited blog. If, in early 70s Muslim World was best united, by now it is worst divided. Unfortunately, Arab World – the descendants of prophets are performing the worst in causing divisions.

Once a rival is weak and meek, it emboldens the opposing rival. Leaders of Muslim World are meek, weak, self-serving and utterly devoid of shame.

In recent times Muslim World has displayed utter meekness on utterances of President of France. Now Israel has ventured to commit heinous crime against Muslims on 25th of holiest month of Muslims in third holiest mosque of Islam. Question is why will they not do it? Once we Muslims are totally indifferent to injunctions of Holy Book and Holy Prophet PBUH, we are utterly divided and we are enjoying worldly pleasures we deserve this treatment. Due to divisions and indifference in Muslim World this is the most suitable time for enemies of Muslims and Islam to settle their scores.

Now that Arab World – the harbingers of Islam, have lost moral authority and resolve to look after interests of Islam and powerful countries of Muslim World are also non-Arab, there arises a need for non-Arab Muslim bloc. Almost a year ago chances of such a bloc of Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan had emerged which were effectively scuttled by mighty KSA. The recent bonhomie between Pakistan and KSA has taken us further away from such an alternate bloc. It is highly unfortunate. Slogan of KSA seems to be, “Na hum karain gay na kissi aur ko kernain den gay” (neither we will do nor will let some one else do).

Muslims are suffering in Kashmir, Palestine and elsewhere and OIC under leadership of KSA is a lame duck. We are well aware of diplomatic spate, Pakistan and KSA had on meekness of OIC. But Alas! We are back to square one.

It’s only Tayyap Erdogan the great Turkish Leader and PMIK who are in the forefront for safeguarding Muslim World. Unless we have unity among Muslim World we shall continue to get bashing.

Even for this objective we need to pray to Allah for making up for the shortfalls in our resolve and commitment to His injunctions.