The Future

It has always been a great challenge to know the future as God confined it to Himself. People of knowledge can predict it where as people with low knowledge, like me can just extrapolate future. My focus is, which way Homo Sapiens are heading? Besides my observations, reflections and brooding, I came across three books by same author ie Yuval Noah Harari. First book Sapeins charts journey of human beings from beginning of life to becoming ruler of planet Earth. Second book, Homo Deus explores long term future of life, how humans might eventually become gods and what may be ultimate destiny of intelligence and consciousness. Third book, 21 Lessons for 21st Century predicts immediate future of human kind. In my observations, I have noticed that on the whole Human Beings are anti nature. What ever worldly knowledge we are implementing adversely affects the nature. Nature created universe in a state of fine balance. Humans are bent upon disturbing this balance in every way. We are fiddling with biology, ecology, cosmology, environment and all other fields. Science which continuously challenges nature is becoming over bearing. Humans are becoming more of machines. Advent of AI, blockchain, infotech and biotech is transforming the way humans will function in the future. Chaos, conflict and disorder is increasing on the planet earth. Occurrences against the logical tide are happening. Brexit, election of Trump and Modi are a few against the tide. In my view, these reflect power of social media. The period of social media is being called as Post Truth Era. Harari says, pilosophy, religion and science are all running out of time. The question is, are humans on the path of self destruction? Stephen Hawking as well as Harari opine that world is in danger due to AI, Brexit and Trump. Another question is, Did God give intelligence to humans to fiddle with His systems and go so far as to cause his own destruction? For sure it is not happening in immediate future, however, apparently humans are heading in that direction. Harari talks about End of History (Farncis Fukuyama also did) and says that ….and if the failure of history to come to its envisioned happy ending can only mean that it is hurtling towards Armageddon. We pray a wise interjection by God or by us humans takes us farther from this apocalyptic route.

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