Intelligent use of Intelligence

Mother nature blessed homo-sapiens with intelligence. That’s the attribute which makes them special and distinct amongst other animals. Homo-sapiens were given free will and choice to make use of this intelligence. One scholar gave a different perspective to banishment of Adam and Eve from the heavens. He said, it wasn’t as a result of punishment meted to them for a wrong decision. Mother nature, rather put them through a test of taking independent decision. On incitement of devil, once they made an independent decision, they passed the test and they were deemed fit to be descended to planet Earth.

Intelligence which was meant to exercise judgements, enjoy free will, explore universe, improve blessings of mother nature, brought humans, rather in conflict with nature. Human intelligence became anti-nature. Human actions started impinging upon delicate and fine balance created by mother nature in every system. Starting from localised effects, human actions have now started affecting balance in global systems. Depletion of Ozone, degradation of environment, chaotization of weather and disruption of ecosystems are a few of man made disasters. Once Adam was being banished from heavens, angels protested that humans will create conflict on planet Earth. We successfully passed that test too.

Indeed mother nature is all aware and the wisest. It’s hard to comprehend the design of mother nature. Misuse of intelligence was preordianed by mother nature. Either mother nature will continue to make interventions for course corrections or she will leave humans on self-destruction course. It might happen that ultimately human actions create so much of imbalance in systemic balance that every thing falls on to itself.

In my above quoted blog, I mentioned that, “Harari talks about End of History (Farncis Fukuyama also did) and says that ….and if the failure of history to come to its envisioned happy ending can only mean that it is hurtling towards Armageddon. We pray a wise interjection by God or by us humans takes us farther from this apocalyptic route”.

A prayer never envisions a negative outcome. If COVID 19 is an intervention by mother nature, so it be. For sure it is for overall good of destructive homo-sapiens. The attached clip is worth watching and relating to my writings. Allah may bless us all.

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