Projecting the Future

Found an interesting read which resonates with my thoughts expressed in a blog written on 14 Jun 19 and cited below

Human civilisation is definitely treading a course. This course is dictated by human intelligence and abilities bestowed by nature. However, mother nature holds all plans up its sleeves. Humans inadvertently or advertently might tread a course which is preordianed by mother nature. The evolution of humankind has picked up pace. The life of technology, ideas and concepts has shrunk from 50 years to less than 10 years. Production has over taken trial. Yuval Harari is genius and so was Stephen Hawlking. Both predicted a dangerous course humankind has taken. Both suggested appropriate management for better future. Besides technology I find chaos increasing in every sphere of life. Chaotic politics, chaotic world, chaotic information, chaotic attitudes are to name a few. I am certain wise men will make corrections and mankind will get to the course which spells better future.

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