Islam and Science

Eid Greetings

Pls do play above clip

I have always tried to analyse that once we have the best religion, the best Prophet (PBUH) and the best concept why we are worst as practitioners? I feel the clip attached has greatly answered my query. Once Hasan Nisar also said, “unless we take Maulvi out of Islam we will not be able to progress”. Recently we have witnessed a tussle between a minister and Muftis on use of technology for moon sightings. I appreciate the Minister for calling a spade a spade and detest obscurantism of some Muftis. Today is the day to make a pledge. Let’s get the ball rolling. Allah may bless us to take rituals out of Islam.

2 thoughts on “Islam and Science”

  1. Maulvi’s should be packed to the schools and universities to make their horizon broad. Currently they are just playing with the sensitivity of our religion


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