Pakistan: An Enigma

It’s an old adage, “when the going gets tough the tough gets going”. And what to say about people who make the going tough and then get going. Isn’t it marvellous? Team Pakistan which is in fact reflection of our society reminds me, that Pakistan is unique, unpredictable and enigmatic. Some say it’s like coconut, very hard from out side but very soft from inside. These are indeed attributes of a pure, honest and hearty person. Pakistan is enigmatic and so is our cricket team. If we decide we can stand upto a super power but some time we can even capitulate to a small fri. We have mastered super technology but fail on minor technologies. We have very low per capita income but we have very big heart for philanthropy. We shed the blood still we are happiest people in the region. We are Hard Country (Anatol Lieven) and also very fragile from inside. Our stock exchange rebounds on bad news but crashes on good news. We have betrayed all predictions of gloom and doom since creation of Pakistan. We rebound in face of every challenge. Sense of humour of this nation is unique in itself. One word to describe it all is RESILEINCE. I can say Resilience Thy name is Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

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