Withering Away of Muslim Ummah

‘Gen X’ to which I belong, in adolescence saw uproar and fanfare of a unified Muslim Ummah. 1973, in nascent years of life we were witness to Islamic Summit in Lahore. It signified a unified Ummah facing common enemy and possessing wealth of fossil fuels to be used as a weapon. The world powers to be were aghast. They were not at all happy with this unification. They saw it as a threat. I recall Gen Hamid Gul (late) who said in early 90s that US is faced with three threats namely ideology, manpower and technology. Ideology comes from Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular. Manpower threat comes from China and technology threat from Japan. In order to ward off threat of ideology; the most serious one, Muslim world became a target. Arab spring seemingly a pleasant and well meaning change (as spring is best season of the year) transformed into evil; though seemingly intended scorching summers to burn everything in ME. Leaders heading unification of Ummah were gradullay eliminated. Formation of OPEC and shoddy deals with key oil producing countries obviated the threat of use of oil as a weapon. Hatred towards common enemy ie Israel was transformed into amenability. Over and above seeds of discord were sown within Muslim Ummah. As a consequence instead of focusing on common enemy Muslim Ummah is today engaged in internal strife and squabbles. Oil can no more be used as a weapon. Wealth of Muslim Ummah is being more enjoyed by the West. Muslim world is in worst state of division. It is a classic example of an engineered as well as self imposed withering away of Muslim Ummah. Pray Muslims identify real enemies and get unified again.

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