The Cunning BANIYA

PM of Pakistan took a morally correct initiative of inviting India for peace talks. However, Pakistan, India moves and counter moves need to be understood in the perspective of peculiar mindset. Pakistanis by nature are emotional, straight and forthcoming while Hindu Baniya is cunning, deceitful and shrewd. To this end, old adage, ‘BAGHAL MAIN CHHUREE MOUHN SE RAAM RAAM’. It’s enough to speak of Indian mindset. The U turn on offer of peace talks in my view is based on well thought out design. First they promptly said yes to tell the world, look we are good guys and we have taken the offer inspite of continuing terrorism by Pakistan. Then they stage managed mutilation of a dead Indian soldier and crafted a justification of reneging on earlier acceptance. By so doing they have flashed an incident which could have gone away as mere routine. They have sent a message to the world, look we are keen but Pakistan is not behaving. Saying yes and then no are not momentary decisions. These are part of that cunning design to malign Pakistan and a genuine freedom struggle in Kashmir. However, they cannot befool all the people all the time. Very soon even US will realise true mentality of India.

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