Inter Provincial Harmony

Schwerpunkt is a German word, meaning ‘point at which maximum effort is concentrated’. If I have to pick one domain warranting our national Schwerpunt, it is Harmony. Religious harmony, political harmony, inter provincial harmony and harmony in every other field of life is much desired in Pakistan. Inter Provincial harmony is going to be bedrock of our integrity as federation. To this end, support of provinces to each other is the best mean. Support in tangible terms will give best dividends. Developed provinces should allocate funds in support of underdeveloped provinces. Rather than doing it in NFC Awards, a province should declare allocation of funds out of its own share as gift to less priviledged people of underdeveloped provinces. Nation craves to see Punjab or KPK doing projects in Balochistan and Interior Sindh in support of hapless people of these provinces. Present political dispensation is best suited for such a trend. Long Live Pakistan. SAMREZ

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