Need for Unity of Muslim Ummah

Withering Away of Muslim Ummah
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The brazen incidents of blasphemy, hate and desecration of holiest places of Muslims remind me of my above cited blog. If, in early 70s Muslim World was best united, by now it is worst divided. Unfortunately, Arab World – the descendants of prophets are performing the worst in causing divisions.

Once a rival is weak and meek, it emboldens the opposing rival. Leaders of Muslim World are meek, weak, self-serving and utterly devoid of shame.

In recent times Muslim World has displayed utter meekness on utterances of President of France. Now Israel has ventured to commit heinous crime against Muslims on 25th of holiest month of Muslims in third holiest mosque of Islam. Question is why will they not do it? Once we Muslims are totally indifferent to injunctions of Holy Book and Holy Prophet PBUH, we are utterly divided and we are enjoying worldly pleasures we deserve this treatment. Due to divisions and indifference in Muslim World this is the most suitable time for enemies of Muslims and Islam to settle their scores.

Now that Arab World – the harbingers of Islam, have lost moral authority and resolve to look after interests of Islam and powerful countries of Muslim World are also non-Arab, there arises a need for non-Arab Muslim bloc. Almost a year ago chances of such a bloc of Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan had emerged which were effectively scuttled by mighty KSA. The recent bonhomie between Pakistan and KSA has taken us further away from such an alternate bloc. It is highly unfortunate. Slogan of KSA seems to be, “Na hum karain gay na kissi aur ko kernain den gay” (neither we will do nor will let some one else do).

Muslims are suffering in Kashmir, Palestine and elsewhere and OIC under leadership of KSA is a lame duck. We are well aware of diplomatic spate, Pakistan and KSA had on meekness of OIC. But Alas! We are back to square one.

It’s only Tayyap Erdogan the great Turkish Leader and PMIK who are in the forefront for safeguarding Muslim World. Unless we have unity among Muslim World we shall continue to get bashing.

Even for this objective we need to pray to Allah for making up for the shortfalls in our resolve and commitment to His injunctions.

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