Dithering Ummah


As corollary to my previous blog on, ‘Withering Away of Muslim Ummah’, I feel Ummah is now dithering from withering. Developments preceding Kuala Lumpur summit make me feel like that. One is at loss to understand, why Muslims on the whole are so low on certain essential attributes? These attributes include, knowledge, collective thinking, unity, vision, discipline and harmony. At the individual level as well as collective level, we fail to look beyond our nose. Vested interests, self interests and myopic thinking are serving us well. In spite of all the bashing the Muslims are getting, the unity remains a far cry. Efforts for unity in Muslim world are betrayed by Muslims themselves. As existing divisions were not enough amongst Muslims new divisions are being set in. Besides Sunni and Shia discord we will now witness, discord between progressive Islamic countries and regressive countries. How unfortunate and deplorable. I once read,

“In this world we are getting bashing because we are Muslims and in the next world we shall get bashing because were not good Muslims”

Discrods and divisions in Muslim world are fomented and instigated by the powers who want to keep Muslims low. But most ironic is indifference and callous attitude of Muslims themselves, who prefer to stay in their clutches. No option but to look upto Allah for His blessings. Alas, even in this case He, Himslef has injunctioned that He doesn’t improve the state of people who themselves dont want to improve.

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