Shamefaced Nation 2

I started a blog in 2018 to raise awareness on ugly faces of our society. In many of my blogs I have been critical of our societal decay. Yet again we stand as shamefaced nation. Our society has become oppressive and exploitative. The crimes are committed against the weak. A society which cannot look after its future generations can be called a society of animals. We were already failing in our collective responsibility of grooming our future generations but now we have stooped even low in committing heinous crimes against our chidern. The problem is well known and deep rooted but we are shying away from uprooting it. Our western educated lot gives us solutions not suited to our needs. West has rectified their animal-like societies through Guillotine but they teach us civility. Humans can never be deterred with out fear of retribution. Allah’s commandments also direct for the same. However, we have tainted logic for escaping from required punishments. I have authored a book on terrorism. At the time of illogical moratorium against capital punishment, it was justified on the bizarre logic that a suicidal can never be deterred. I always contended that unfortunately in the garb of 5 percent suicidals we have given free hand to 95 percent who dont want to die. Sense prevailed and we started meting capital punishment. The results are infront of us. Sudden drop is acts of terrorism is a cumulative impact of military operations, capital punishments and national action plan.

I feel the society has gone so wayward that state will have to get berserk. Ordinary and routine measures will not work.

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