Safai Nisf Imaan Hai 4

Cleanliness is a subject very close to my heart. For no other reason but cleanliness, I have always contended that the best form of Islam that I have observed was in Turkey. A Christian brother teaching us importance of cleanliness through self example is a wakening call. I learnt from an elder that if we allocate 100 Marks for life. 50 will be allocated to cleanliness because Islam says Safai Nisf Imaan hai. 25 will be allocated to education due to emphasis, Islam has given to education. 15 will be allocated to dealings and 10 to Kalama. Now if we allocate these Marks, our developed Christian world will get 45 in cleanliness, 20 in education, 10 in dealings and 0 in Kalama. Contrarily we Muslims get 10 in Kalama, 5 in cleanliness, 5 in education and 5 in dealings. They stand at 75 out of 100 while we stand at 25 out of 100. And the worst of all is our distorted faith that 10 marks in Kalama are good enough for our success in life.

These arguments are applicable to all the Muslims of the world becuase Hujj is an event which signifies state of our cleanliness both of hosts as well as guests. Allah may guide us.

2 thoughts on “Safai Nisf Imaan Hai 4”

  1. Well written sir.
    The kalama is an oath, a declaration. We cant just proclaim it and then do the opposite of what it entails.
    You have pointed rightly, where we have gone wrong.


  2. Great…! 👍Well explained with numbers, which never lie.
    If we are talking of “Iman” and linking it with “Safai” 50 marks allocated to safai are based on 10 marks of “Kalama”, which is the base of “Iman”.


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