Shamefaced Nation

Yet, once again our national modesty, decency and civility has been betrayed. Yet, once again its proven that there is no fear of law in our society. Yet, once again its proven that our education isnt real education. Educated lot becoming beasts leaves us shamefaced. It seems the custodians of various fields are themselves exploitors of same very field. Teachers are exploiting education, clergy is exploiting religion, doctors are exploiting field of medicine, politicians are exploiting people and lawyers are exploiting the law. Societies are driven by shame, guilt or fear. Shame and guilt are individual’s call of conscience whereas fear can be instilled by the state. Shame and fear have since long evaporated. State is also shying away from asserting itself. Every incident gets hushed up on illogical and bizarre grounds. Why we are failing to prevent recurrence of such shameful incidents? We fail to condemn to the least and punish the culprits to the most. Attitudes after incidents bespeak of our callousness. There are people on media justifying these acts. Our views are poles apart. Unless we agree on basics our responses will not be unified. We have good examples infront of us. How Australian society reacted to a mundane issue of cheating by cricketers on the field and how New Zealand society responded to act of terrorism? These serve as shame instilling acts from down- and-under for up-an-above. A chaotic society needs iron hands to mend its ways since education is failing. Even in developed world its fear of retribution which prevents crimes. After incident attitudes, response, discussions and analysis are bigger cause of shame.

4 thoughts on “Shamefaced Nation”

  1. Sir I sincerely feel state is fast loosing its writ. Govts are not sincere in applying rules and laws. They being democratic reflect majority but are scary of mafias and cartels. Eventually laws are made by legislatures and applied through executives. Judiciary just ensure ita correct usage. But once exexutive surrenders infront of other organs, then emerges mafias and rule of mighy. Today’s event is classic example. I sincerely feel unless you reform superior judiciary and govt reflect its intent and resolve in applying enacted laws, Pak has bleak future.


  2. Pity on the nation where educated & privileged people behave in such a uncivilized manners.
    When such class behaves unethically we need to recheck our Education System, Our Justice System & rit of the state.
    What moral lessons & Ideal Modals are being presented by these Black Wearers?
    Looking forward to the Valuable comments of Dear Pakistani People Please.
    Atiq Raja
    Chairman Pakistan Youth Council PYC

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