Golden Ring of Security

Above is the link of an article titled, “The Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan wants to build the Golden Ring”. Its highly satisfying for me that my idea is gaining traction. My article titled, “The Emerging Strategic Security Alliance: A Case Study of Golden Ring of Security in Eurasian Region” was published in Margallah Papers NDU 2018 issue. Below is the link:

The way our Region is transforming in view of CPEC and BRI there is convergence of interests amongst states which earlier faced divergence. Pakistan and Iran are two such neighbouring countries. Afghanistan unfortunately continues to be one of the most unstable countries of the world. In the new geopolitics, stability in Afghanistan has gained added importance. While US is visibly failing in Afghanistan, it’s the countries surrounding Afghanistan which can join hands and work for its stability. These countries have greater obligation to work for this objective for nothing else but to save themselves from ill-effects of instable Afghnaistan. Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey form the Golen Ring of Security which if formed will augur well for the region.