Abysmal Decay

I have written a lot on our societal decay. I may sound hyper critical of our social behaviours and attitude but incidents are indeed mind boggling. A teacher being mauled by students is unthinkable. Delicate children being molested by adults is unbearable. Crimes against women are unethical and unmanly. My heart bleeds seeing these clips. I am at loss to understand what has gone wrong to our national character. These attitudes can only be displayed by animals. A reasonably well groomed adult will never resort to these things. Hazrar Ali (Karram-Allah-u Wajhahu) said, “I am slave of the person who has taught me even a single word, he can enslave me or set me free”. How far have we gone from civility and teachings of Islam. Punishments aside, as a society we shall have to realise how badly are we grooming our children. Turkey celebrates 24 Nov as Teacher’s Day. They send bouquets, flowers, gifts and messages to their teachers. Look at what are we doing. Intolerance, animal instincts, bigotry, obscurantism and so many ills have crept deep into our society. Every other day our conscience and soul is shaken by despicable and deplorable events. All parents, teachers, religious teachers, intelligentsia and law enforcement agencies must brace to reform our decayed society. Allah may bless us.

3 thoughts on “Abysmal Decay”

  1. Well described our society today. There is no respect for any one these days. We are quick to blame Western culture but living in UK I can tell you that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated here and full force of law will be used to prevent it happening again.


  2. You are right sir.
    We have only been talking about financial corruption, whereas in the past few decades we have not just been looted of our money but also our norms and values. The society has been made such where immorality is rewarded and those who try to keep their morals and values have been sidelined.


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