Negative Growth of Human Personality

Taking a cue from my last blog, on the subject, I feel there is a form of negative growth of a personality. Ordinarily speaking, a human once grows in age, power, status and maturity, he or she should have positive transformation of personality. However, it has been experienced that in many cases the growth of personality is negative. In order to absorb power, status and fame the person ought to have commensurate cognition, education and mental faculties. Human mind is susceptible to ills of power, wealth, status and fame. Once these gains of humans are not backed up by a strong, conscious and self analysing mind, he succumbs to bad vices. Wisdom demands that the more we rise, the ego should get smaller, we should get humble, we should become more forgiving, we should grow in patience etc etc. However, in actual fact a human is overpowered by bad vices like jealousy, greed, negative pride, delusions and superiority complex etc. Strong minds neither get inflated by praise nor get deflated by criticsm. Weak minds are affected by both. Many a times growth in power, status and fame is not in step with growth of education and mental faculties thus the outcome is negative growth of personality.

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