Transformation of Human Personality

Dr Ellis Silver recently gave a theory, Humans are not from Earth”. He postulates that humans were created on another planet and relocated to Earth. This goes in line with Islamic belief that Prophet Adam and Mother Eve were shifted to earth from another location. I am also reminded of Charlse Franklin who said, “No one gets out of this life alive….” Thus we were sent to this planet with a purpose. Notwithstanding our success or failure, the truest of us ‘the soul’ will shed our body (its temporary abode) on this planet and return to the planet where we were created. Nature took approximately, 13.45 Billion years (from Yuval Harari book, Sapiens) to create enabling environment on this planet for its best creature to survive. This speaks of importance of this creature. Humans are the only specie which has combo of ability to think and communicate. Extremely meagre time period bestowed upon us to live on this planet imposes on us attainment of pinnacle of greatness in very short time. Only one percent of us reach to that level. However, we all see transformation of our personalities for good as well as for bad. Events, books and various exposures transform our personalities. We develop thoughts which transform into actions, these transform further to our habits which define our personality. Based on positive or negative transformation we become on- the-whole good or evil. I for one have been lucky to get more of positive transformation (with sprinkling of negative). First and foremost, an aspect that entrenched in my personality was injunction of Holy Prophet PBUH, ‘leave the place better than how u took over, if you cannot add much, just plant a tree’. I can also name two books which transformed my personality. ‘Defeat into Victory’ by William Slim and ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins. On not so positive side, another book which kept me more of a human rather than an angle was ‘The Company of Women’ by Khushwant Singh. I am at loss to understand whether this book affected me positively or negatively but I stand happy with my transformation Alhamdo Lillah.

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