Privacy-Exposure: Paradox

Internet and social media have been a boon as well as a bane of the recent times. These have created opportunities as well as challenges. Prior to these technological advacements, humans had a choice to control exposure of their details inorder to ensure their privacy. Privacy used to be a sensitive and well guarded human function. However, privacy is now only fallacious. One writer said, “Humans psychologically have become more insecure, they want to hide but technology doesn’t let them hide”. While connectivity has improved but with that unwanted exposure has also increased. Inadvertently, unconsciously and maliciously we fall pray to intrusions into our privacy. We are even unaware of how much others know about us. We are also unaware to what extent others can see us without we even knowing that they are seeing us. These aspects once again highlight importance of omnipresent principle of balance.

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