Ethical Degeneration of the West

Since childhood, we have seen the West as developed, civilised and ethical world. Underdeveloped East and developed West contrasted with each other due to bad and good practices. The West served as a model to be emulated in many ways. Notwithstanding, certain low level unethical aspects of human life, on the whole their behaviours and attitudes justified this perception. US and UK were rightly in the lead amongst developed Western World. However, off late the West is emulating much detested, unethical and immature behaviours. If Ms Maryam had an office in PM House in Pakistan, Ms Ivanka has an office in White House. PM Nawaz Sharif used to contend that his continuation in power is must for economic well being of Pakistan, same is being said by President Trump in face of impeachment. PM Nawaz smelled machinations against him (in spite of all the obvious what US calls as BFO) same is the contention of President Trump. On other hand allegation on UK PM of lying to the Queen is a new precedent. Degeneration of the West in ethics is the real danger to the developed world. Besides multidimensional transitions in global order, this happens to be more benign, discernable and deep rooted. I just returned from a month long trip of US, on the whole ethics of masses are impressive but as they say fish starts to rot from the top, people of the West must take care of their leadership. May be they were as bad as they now seem, however, due to advent of internet and social media (although of their own making) their weaknesses have now come to the surface.

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