A Leader & A Pygmy


I wrote above mentioned blog in Jul 2018. I am amazed how it is proving right. At that time I had thought of internal pygmies but I am proud that Imran Khan has gone beyond that, by converting Modi into a pygmy. All praises be to Allah he is making us proud. He is reawakening, rekindling and rejuvenating Muslim community all over the world usually seen in slumber. All that he spoke extempore from podium of UNGA was truest reflection of sentiments of Muslims. Once the heart drives the tongue, this is the kind eloquence one gets. Another piece I wrote on how well our PM is winning new form of war ie Battle of Narratives. Hithertofore, Pakistan was not that glaring in this field. Putin was considered to be only global leader coping well with transformation of 21 century conflicts after advent of social media. IK may now be leading Putin. I also wrote a piece on Axis of Real Evil. We need to expose Indo-Israel Axis. Once victim of Holocaust, drawing world sympathy for suffering from those heinous crimes is now involved in direct and indirect 21st Century Holocaust. Israel is involved in Holocaust directly in Plaestine and indirectly in Kashmir through collusion with India.

1 thought on “A Leader & A Pygmy”

  1. Only the wise can see beyond & surely the IK made the History by speaking about the Realities.
    Religious Haterd can’t be the solution and the attachment of Extremism with Islam is discrimination because on the worst grounds Christianity,Jewism & Hinduism are ignored.
    Let Not forget that Pakistan may have been suffering from internal corruption for ages but now the position is very different.


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