Leader and Pygmies

At the time of creation of Pakistan there was A Leader and Pygmies. The country unfortunately faced a leadership crisis right after her birth. Muhammad Ali Jinnah: the founding father was a towering personality while he was surrounded by low calibre leaders. Once providence took away Quaid e Azam the pygmies were left behind. The second best to Quaid e Azam; Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan also got merely 4 years to provide sound foundations to the country. These pygmies included feudal lords exploiters, extortionists and people infused with vested interests. They ruled the roost ever since then. Providence has once again brought in A Leader while pygmies are still there. Imran Khan has been elected to lead the country at very apt time. He has defied and betrayed all enemies and critics whether within Pakistan or outside. In opposition he is again faced with pygmies. It’s my conviction that these pygmies will not be able to stand in front this great leader. If he stays steadfast and on high moral grounds his opposition will be rendered to mere pygmies lacking any substance, moral authority and credibility. Allah may guide us all.

SAMREZ Islamabad

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