Risks of the Rise of IK

The rise of our Prime Minister to the level of a global leader is a great breather for our leader starved nation. He is soaring like a rocket. His boldness, his courage, his charisma are on one hand earning him accolades but on the other rendering him an eyesore for a few. The speed with which he is rising with blessing of Allah raises my concerns about his safety and security. We have seen since early 70s that strong leadership in Muslim World was never tolerated by the powers to be. They were either assassinated or overthrown. For almost half a century, earstwhile Muslim Umma was kept in tatters. In unison with President Erdogan and PM Mahatir, our PM is leading a renaissance of Muslim World. This renaissance may be a welcome change for downandout muslim community but it ought to be a serious concern for enemies of Islam. Our PM is rattling many of serpents and mischievers. He will have to guard his back. While I fully trust Aallah but even He has commanded us to take necessary precautions. Keep your powder dry and trust in Allah. I pray for his safety and continuation of leadership and also pray that we take adequate measures to keep this national asset safe and secure.

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