Ride the Tide

Kudos to honourable PM for splendid innings in the US. But what next? The fanfare, the euphoria will start to die in couple of days. There are no visible signs of world rallying behind Pakistan. Although initiative (of Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia) of setting up a media house is a step in right direction, however, immediate actions will be needed to bring pressure on to arrogant and callous BJP Government. Speech of PM in UNGA has created a favourable tide. It has created enabling environemnt. It has energised and galvanised oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir as well as people of Pakistan. India has further aggravated pressure on hapless Kashmiris. Pakistan needs to mount the tide before it peters off. All measures which can build pressure on India may be initiated sooner than later. The gained grounds may not be lost. An initiative to rope in China may be a step in that direction because unstable Kashmir region will ultimately have repercussions for CPEC.

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