MODI: A Self Defeating Butcher

In my earlier blog, I had questioned, Will Modi be a blessing or a curse? Modi is fast becoming a consequential man than I had anticipated. The attached clip is an indicator what way things are going, in India. Earlier we had seen Hinus molesting Muslims but here a Hindu (Sahdu) is getting roughed up by Sikhs. Modi who is trying to be smart is actually playing insane. Mahatma Ghandi who was champion of non-violence was once suggested by local Indians that if he would order them, they will pick up clubs and throw British out of India. Ghandi gave a visionary statement, “how will I disarm you (get back the clubs) if I ask you to pick up clubs”. Modi is exactly playing opposite. A lot more is yet to come. While the world is displaying concern for a mediation in Kashmir, Modi is attempting to hasten the process. The world is seeing his true colours. Violence breeds violence. I dont foresee India succeeding in quelling a legitimate freedom struggle. Things are going to get worst for India. Modi is reinforcing a failure. Kashmir struggle is entering into its final and decisive phase. In Sha Allah.

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