The Pursuits

It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. I would say a man is also known by his pursuits (not that I am keeping bad company). Decades ago, I read that 99 % of humans take birth, eat, sleep, reproduce and pass away, it’s only 1 % who contribute towards humanity. The thought got ingrained in my memory. I wanted to be amongst the 1%. Its a tall order, however, objectives ought to be high. Allah has blessed me to fulfil my dreams. My thought is now beginning to shape into actions. James Redfiled in Celestine Prophecy says that the coincidences in life are not out of design. My desire to contribute in field of education and social reformsn coincidentally, brought me to certain personalities. I, alongwith my friends are treading on a journey of creating a Cadet College in my village. Alongwith another set of friends we are working to create a university in Islamabad. These projects look gigantic but nothing is bigger than human will. Once passion is strong whole universe conspires in our favour. Once intent is pure Allah helps and guides us. I am already seeing positive indications and support. Besides this I wrote a book, Fighting Shadows: Post War on Terror Pakistan which is intended to eulogies sacrifices and efforts of great Pakistan and Pak Army which brought me to this level. The book will monitarily contribute towards Army Shuhada Welfare Fund. I am pursuing a PhD on CPEC once again to contribute towards a national interest. I blog to call a spade a spade and seek social reforms through enlightenment and awakening. Allah may help and guide me in my Pursuits. Ameen

1 thought on “The Pursuits”

  1. Your journey is leading you towards your dreams where People are directly beneficiaries & Society will have its deep impact through Education!

    Writing a book sharing the sacrifices of Our soldiers is a virtuous approach because we have been fighting against terrorism which is a Global War & We are the leaders against this international matter.

    We Stand With you in your mission of making Pakistan an Educated,Peaceful & Prosperous State & pray from Allah Almighty for your Success!

    Atiq Raja
    Chairman Pakistan Youth Council-PYC

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