MODI: Blessing or Curse

Return of Modi is being seen with scepticism as well sanguinity. Once something goes beyond our control best of optimism demands creating of opportunity out of a challenge. Modi is a reality, notwithstanding our preferences. Is he going to be a blessing or a curse for Pakistan, only time will tell. However, certain foreseen dynamics make me believe that he may not turn out to be as bad as being perceived. We should not fear him we should rather grudge him. On two accounts I feel he is going to be a blessing in disguise. Firstly, in strategic terms, centre of gravity of India is perceived to be in Secularism and that of Pakistan in Armed Forces. Coexistence of multi religious communities and exclusion of religion and religious considerations is a sine-qua-non for existence of India in present state. Rise of Hindutva is going to be a Vernichtender Schlag for secularism. By implication Modi is striking at his own centre of gravity. If an enemy hurts his own centre gravity he is in fact doing our job thereby a blessing in disguise for us. Fillip in Kashmir & Khalistan movements and other fissiparous tendencies in India under Modi are visible manifestations. Secondly, BJP Government led by PM Vajpayee turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us. He provided us a casus belli to go nuclear. Had we missed by merely 3 years and 9/11 had happened, global powers would have not let us go nuclear. Besides this through escalations BJP helped us to plug gaps in our defences. Vajpayee government also went very close to resolution of Kashmir dispute. This time again, I believe Modi is going to be a blessing in disguise for Pakistan. There is a greater possibility of resolution of Kashmir dispute. Keeping fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “MODI: Blessing or Curse”

  1. Excellent optimistic narrative with a person of high moral thinking. Surely there is an opportunity provided we the Pakistani should keep our nerves strong and build up the defence required. We need to mend our economy and within the Forces we should concentrate on Airforce and Navy.


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