MAD (Mutually Assured Destiny)

Undoubtedly, Pakistan has a strategic importance. Ever since its creation, Pakistan has enjoyed a marriage of convenience with the West. Notwithstanding ups and downs of this relationship, still both parties feel comfort and ease in dealing with each other. I was once interacting with an audience in RUSI (London) and a Briton mocked that he was worried China might ride Pakistan. I jokingly quipped, “you have been riding us for 50 years, let China also ride”. I strongly feel our future destiny is linked to China. China is waxing while US is waning. China is our neighbour and US is a distant power. US has been untrustworthy (and is projected to be like that) while China stood by us through thick and thin. US always throws a lustering spanner infront of us whenever, we are on the verge of reorientation. It is always a bait to draw us in. I wish and crave that this time around our bonhomie with the US is not at the cost of relations with China. CPEC is a Godsent opportunity to ensure our future security which will be dictated by economic viability. CPEC is not free of flaws but those do not render it a curse. Its through our bad management that we can convert this blessing into a curse. Allah may bless us to stay the course.

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