BJP: A Blessing in Disguise

I continue to ask this question, Is BJP a blessing or curse for Pakistan? Logically speaking an insane enemy should be seen as a blessing. Why I feel that, is based on my couple of onservations:

a. In 1998, BJP provided us a casus belli for nuclear explosions. If this opportunity was delayed for 3 years ie beyond Sep 11 of 2001, the world powers would have resisted tooth and nail to our nuclear pursuits.

a. In 2017, China and Bhutan developed a conflict over strategically located Chumbi Valley and Doklam. India moved in to support its ally; Bhutan, against China though in it’s own interest, however, itself set a precedent for China to move into Kashmir in support of Pakistan in case of conflict between India and Pakistan.

c. Pakistan has always tried to internationalise Kashmir conflict where as India has always tried to localise it. This time India has itself internationalised the conflict.

d. Pakistan has always justifiable strived to make world beleive that Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and should be addressed. Defence Minister of India has himself reinforced our point of view by raising nuclear ante.

e. Centre of gravity of India lies in secularism. BJP is hurting it the most.

I have strong optimistic beleive that Modi will serve us well and his actions are already getting backfired and will continue to haunt India. In Sha Allah.

How subtly put by my friend Brig Khaleeq uz Zaman as input to my blog

1. Oxygenated Two Nation Theory.
2. Buried funded projects like Aman Ki Aysha.
3. Burial of secular face of India.
4. Polarization in India based on religion, race and creed.
5. Radicalization, lynching mob, rapes, burning villages.
6. Enhanced spying cum terrorism in
Pak, thus exposing Kulbushan like nets.
7. Atrocities in occupied Kashmir thereby igniting freedom movement in youth.
8. Offering opportunity to Pak for hitting the six after revoking Article 370 and 35A.

4 thoughts on “BJP: A Blessing in Disguise”

  1. I partially agree to this as on the face of it from our perspective, it appears counter productive for India. But if we zoom out & considers realignments of partnerships in S Asia, then the sit looks bit gloomy. Plus BJP is counter productive for internal issues not for Regional & intl. Its growing eco, media industry and lobbying masks every harsh steps it takes against Pakistan.


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