China Pakistan Axis

I borrow the title from book of Andrew Small. In the setting of global power shifting from West to East (Parag Khanna) Pakistan chose and was also compelled to tilt towards China. For this tilting Pakistan is facing wrath of US through economic pressure. CPEC goes in interest of Pakistan but gains of China outweigh that of Pakistan. However, the way China is displaying indifference towards Pakistan’s economic woes is mind boggling. I see two possibilities. First, China is not fully sincere to Pakistan and feels that an economically stressed and vulnerable Pakistan will be more amenable and favourable. This possibility leads us to Debt Trap Diplomacy. Second, China is sincere to Pakistan like an elder of a family. It is intentionally letting Pakistan (seen as a bad boy) suffer so that we mend our ways. Earlier I had written that I see China as a bullet train with a vintage bogie (Pakistan) attached to its tail. Bullet train will aim to pull along this vintage bogie. Being optimistic I see second possibility as more likely and hope and pray that China will intervene much before total exploitation of Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan China brotherhood.

1 thought on “China Pakistan Axis”

  1. In the arena of international diplomacy. No permanent friends or foes only national interest which counts. The mob till the time doesn’t turn into a nation like USA exploitation of demography, culture, language cum sect will continue. According to Rousseo”s theory another 5 to 10 decades. Nevertheless the resilience of the nation is remarkable. May Allah bless Pakistan and give us the fortitude. Long live my country WE are because YOU ARE.


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