Fearing to Taste Own Medicine


In 2009, heading a delegation to the US, I got an opportunity to interact with the US authorities. In those years, India had set the stage for two front scenario for Pakistan. India was staring into our eyes from the East and had wherewithal to vitiate our Western Front. We complained to the US authorities regarding Indian involvement in terrorism from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Then there were 8 consulates of India strung along Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

US authorities suffering from their wilful BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) countered our allegation saying that they always hear such complaints from Pakistani delegates but they (US) haven’t found any evidence. I retorted that, any one who knows history of animosity of Pakistan and India doesn’t need any evidence. Logically speaking none of the two countries, given an opportunity will leave any stone unturned to harm the opponent.

Even since then, though Pakistan has provided ample evidence but US has stuck to their BFO.

Nature has its own way of turning the tables. I had predicted since long that; with the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, two aspects will be corrected by default. Firstly, unjustified political dispensation in Afghanistan will be rectified ie minority will cease to rule the majority and majority will get back its right to rule. It has already happened. Secondly, India will be cut to size, that has too happened.

Unlike Geopolitics of 19 and 20th century, one is good thing is happening incase of Geopolitics of 21st century. More or so the West/US stays as one antagonist where as China is emerging as second antagonist. India is replacing Pakistan as a conduit and Hindu fundamentalist is replacing Muslim fundamentalist as fodder for fighting. Pakistan is over with the dirty part of the game, India will serve this purpose for the US incase of 21st century Geopolitics.

Above quoted statement of Indian CDS, speaks of India’s fear of tasting its own medicine. The time has come for India to reap what it has sown. I have no reasons to substantiate that it’s actually happening but again taking corollary from my previous argument, why shall Pakistan waste an opportunity to pay back to India what it received in past two decades.

In short I will say to Indians, ABBAHI TO PRTY SHUROO HOI HAI, (stay calm, the party has just begun)

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