The Scourge of Social Media

Social media has removed all barriers from sharing of information. In a way it’s highly beneficial in sharing of knowledge. However, no technological advancement is free of pitfalls. Improvement in connectivity of the globe and it’s turning into global village has eroded control of a nation-state on flow of information. Accessibility to new technologies is providing similar exposure to developed, semi-developed and underdeveloped societies. Here development doesn’t imply economic development. Rather it implies development in ethics, morality and morals.

Developed societies have a combined ability to draw maximum benefits and ward off pitfall. However, story of underdeveloped societies is far different. They get overwhelmed by pitfalls of new technology.

Pakistan is a society which has suffered societal decay due to many reasons but mainly prolonged conflict. Prolonged conflict created anti-merit environment by throwing up a breed of sycophants, parvenues and opportunists. These conflicts brought in easy money and craze for materialistic pursuits. These conflicts eroded ethics, morals and values of society. Societies are driven by shame and guilt. Both these stop a human from committing a sin. Both these attributes have disappeared from Pakistani society.

Societal decay along with lack-lustre management and regulation has created a dangerous mix. Social media has provided a platform to further damage our ethics. Since there is no system of attributability of content on social media. People are holding no bars in baseless allegations. Islam strictly stops us from levelling allegations on others. However, utterly against these teachings and ethics, as a society we have started drawing pleasure in ridiculing and dishonouring others. Worst is happening against women of fame.

It’s so immoral that pornographic material is attributed to a lady of fame even if there is 10 percent of resemblance of personalities in the clip. Such clips then spread like fire on social media by irresponsible sharing. No system can check unhealthy trends in society unless each member of society realises his or her responsibility. It’s deplorable to see even so called educated lot further sharing such clips while even an insane person can find inadequate reasons to believe that clip of that particular personality.

It is said that such trend was initiated by political parties to malign opponents. But no one realises that such trends can backfire onto us. It’s already happening and the environment has gone so filthy that anything can be attributed to anyone without impunity.

Political parties being a source of leadership for the society must shun such elements who are ruthless in maligning opponents based on unethical, baseless, concocted and fabricated allegations. If one party is doing other may not respond in same kind because two wrongs don’t make a right. Allah may bless us with true spirit of Islam.

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