Above video is getting viral. The narrator is building a case that poor work ethics of people of Pakistan are due to buffalo milk. It’s indeed a forceful projection of a narrative, however, I want to give different perspective.

Towards fag end of my military career, I had opportunity to manage live stock of Pakistan Army. My views are based on my exposure to the subject and my reflections.

Mother Nature has blessed Buffalo to very less regions of the world and the developed world is endowed with Cow. So milk producing animal of developed world is cow and that of countries of our region is buff. Apparently, it’s bizarre that Mother Nature produced a black skinned animal for warmer regions of the world. However, justifications and logics of Mother Nature are beyond our comprehension. These may be unbeknownst to us. Our lack of knowledge doesn’t mean Mother Nature could have gone wrong. Latest research is also proving that Buff milk is far better than cow milk.

If we admit that Mother Nature always has a sound justification for something prevailing on the globe, then how can buff milk be bad for us. Developed world had wherewithal to carry out all the research on their animal ie Cow. Whereas our animal ie Buff remained neglected due to our poor research ability. Developed world has always belittled our animal. The gentleman in the video got carried away with same logic of the West. He resorted to self-bashing.

Indeed we are lethargic, we are less active, we are less aggressive, we are slackers; but the reason doesn’t lie in what he has identified. The reason lies else where. Which I shall attempt to identify in next blog. Allah may bless us all.

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