Can Afghanistan be Harbinger of Resurgence of Islam

Humiliation of a superpower in Afghanistan has created serious ramifications for the region as well as the globe. Victory of Taliban is bound to initiate a chain of events with long lasting impact. Biggest ramification of the defeat of superpower is that it’s myth of invincibility has been broken

In the context of geopolitics, I had authored an article on Golden Ring of Security in 2018. Same became part of my PhD dissertation. Amidst global transitions, new regions and alliances are emerging. Shifting of power from West to East, Rise of China to replace US as superpower, change in global polarity and Rise of Asia are well accepted outcomes.

Within ambit of these global transitions, hitherto-fore not so integrated countries are finding convergence of interests. Concept of Golden Ring of Security (GROS) is based on a regional alliance between Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. The contours of such a regional grouping have already started to emerge. This alliance is best suited for seeking stability in Afghanistan which I have identified as Threat No1 to CPEC in particular and ambitions of China in general. These regional countries can play a better role in Afghanistan because these are directly impacted by instability in Afghanistan.

Sudden shift in Afghanistan can also have impact on Pakistan related to fillip in activities of TTP. Allama Iqbal had called Afghanistan as heart of Asia. Heart purifies and supplies blood to organs. If Afghanistan becomes functional it will have impact on entire Asia.

This blog is intended to focus on how religion of Islam might gain from victory of Taliban in Afghanistan. If Taliban can exhibit greater maturity (which they are already doing) in giving good governance to Afghanistan, then this victory can become first drop of resurgence of Islam.

Militant Jihad though disfigured in certain cases has been more prevalent in the Muslim World due to global political injustices. Hamas has already greeted Taliban on assumption of power. Taliban have too repeatedly hinted at struggle for liberation of Kashmir. Jihad might again gain prevalence which got bashing for its lumping with terrorism.

Islam as an ideology of justified struggle has gained through success of Taliban. It is foreseen that the victory of Taliban may become harbinger of resurgence of Islam which is long over due.

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