Trump’s Omnishambles

President Donald Trump came to power in 2016. Exactly one presidential term ahead of him in 2012, omnishambles was declared as word of the year. Possibly nature already knew what was coming ahead. In 2017, Andrew Korybko titled his article, “Trump: Agent of Chaos (a.k.a. ‘The Kraken’)”. He postulated that President Trump was intentionally creating a chaos so that he could rebuild everything. Events of recent past indicated that chaos had turned into omnishambles. Such a great power which was known for dexterity and heterogeneity was first humbled by a micro-organism and secondly by unbeknownst (atleast for the US) racism, savagery and inhumanity. If not for else, at least for the US these evils were thing of the past. It was in 1950s that US looked as bad as being seen now a days.

Where did the enlightenment go? Where was the education? Where was the evolution of society? Where was the civility? Where was distinction between rich and poor? And to top it all where was the leadership?

President Trump came to power through elections which were alleged to be engineered by a rival country. This by itself was a big shame for a superpower who got tricked by the trick it employed against others. Ever since then nothing was going right for the US. The way the US was humbled by COVID 19 and racism was inconceivable. Still a question was being debated, was he (Trump) doing it by design or His (God’s) design was in play? The second seemed more plausible. Challenges for the US were mounting, many of those of their own making. It was wished that the US would sail out of these turmoils but the timings are ominous. While the US should be taking stock of changing international order, it was embroiled in it’s own menacing disorder.

My teenaged granddaughter scribbled her young heart,

Imagine, just imagine
A world where everyone lived in peace,
A place where everyone was treated equally,
Whether they were black, white, pink, blue,
Where people were not judged because of the colour of their skin, but by the content of their hearts,
A place where mothers were not scared that their sons or daughters might be unsafe outside because they were not white,
Imagine just imagine,
Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone did not judge too quickly?
We won’t like to admit it,
But history was repeating itself.
Let’s think back to 1950’,
This was a time of racial inequalities, discrimination, and lack of justice,
Black on one side whites on the other,
White supremacism
If you were black you were degraded, belittled, unimportant and freak,
And why?
Because they were not white,
I may not be black myself, but that does not mean that I wouldn’t stand up for all the lives out there who had been killed in vain,
Those men and women who felt fear when they walked down the streets,
Those mothers and fathers who lost their son or daughter due to racist murderers,
A couple of days ago, in US, a man named George Floyd was murdered by a policeman for the accusation of forgery of a fake $20 bill,
“don’t kill me!” were George Floyd’s last words,
His life should not have been over,
George Floyd, a father and a person
And one of many black people who have been murdered for the colour of their skin,
We people of all colours need to speak up
We all have a voice, We need to stand up, and unite together
Imagine, just imagine
A world where everyone was equal.

God may bless us a World envisioned by my sweetheart Ms Safa Nisar

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