You Scrambled the Wrong One

Keeping in view our insatiable attitudes and views, I am reminded of a joke. A husband was hyper critical of actions of his wife. When she would fry an egg, he would say that he wanted the scrambled one. Once she would scramble, he would complain he wanted the fried one. One day wife prepared two eggs. One fried and second scrambled. She anxiously awaited his response. Husband frowningly blared, “You scrambled the wrong one”. Our criticism is unending. 2020 has been an abnormal year. Best of economies of the world are in shambles. Budget has been recently announced and there was fire blaring out on all the channels. No one says we should be prepared to chip-in our part in these testing times. We are upset for not getting pay rise. I for one would have even accepted pay reduction. As a nation we are not sharing miseries of less privileged masses. May be we want the best for ourselves with total disregard to what others are getting.

Another bad aspect is the way people are minting money. Any thing and every thing that gets short in supply gets exponential increase in price. Utter lack of sympathy and feelings for people in distress is mind boggling. It’s a normal natural inclination of humans that we bend to support people in trouble. But in our case every situation is exploited to the hilt. There is a maddening race to make money. I wish we feel for the people in distress and stop exploiting their vulnerability. That is what is expected from a civilised, Islamic and God fearing society.

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