Unvisionary Leaders

Will USA survive these crises? https://youtu.be/v1tNoCq_nWM

Two countries have all along affected Pakistan the most – the US and India. Both these countries are presently ruled by nationalists. On one hand POTUS supports and exudes white supremacy and on the other hand Modi does same for Hinduism. Both have sown risky and unvisionary seeds for shoddy political gains. Both have just started to cut what they have sown. Racial riots in US and similar simmering undercurrents in India portend a huge crisis. African-Americans in the US and Muslims in India have similar feelings of maltreatment, persecution and subjugation. From slavery the world had evolved to enlightenment but the curse is haunting again due to unvisionary leaders. Leaders are supposed to be trend setters. The killing of George Floyd by Policeman David Chauvin speaks of the trend. Unless leadership doesn’t come out to mend these trends and renounce such criminality, both the US and India are bound to see bloodshed. It is prayed that sanity prevails and political leaders rise above petty political gains.

6 thoughts on “Unvisionary Leaders”

  1. Agree with you but would say that the Modi still wins the race of discrimination & hatred among the masses in India & its Barbarian acts in Indian Occupied Kashmir


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