Stray Reflections and Random Thoughts

Through my reflections, I noticed that my mind is in fact a, “wandering falcon”, “a restless ocean”, “an oscillating energy”, “an unbridled horse”. It randomly switches from one thought to another. There is no definite and fixed pattern or subject. It roams around in a strange but very exciting way. If I leave it to wander it takes me to very different memory lanes or thoughts with no linkage or pattern. Around a decade ago, I conceived the idea to start recording my thoughts and titled these as, Random Thoughts. Before I could put my idea into action, I was pleasantly surprised to know about Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s book, “Stray Reflections”. This was indeed a great booster for my latent idea.

There was yet another pleasant surprise once I received this book from a friend. The book has been edited by Dr Javed Iqbal son of Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal from the handwritten note book of the great philosopher. Allama Iqbal initially titled the notebook as, “Stray Thoughts” and then replaced word ‘thoughts’ by ‘refelctions’. Original idea of Allama Iqbal was even more closer to mine.

In one of his stray reflections, Allama Muhammad Iqbal said, “Belief is a great power. When I see that a proposition of mine is believed by another mind, my own conviction of its truth is thereby immensely increased”. The kind of increase in conviction of my belief was more than immense, once I saw that my proposition was also believed by great mind like Allam Iqbal. I am no where near to great philosopher but this small peck of germination of thought boosted my confidence.

My blog is in fact a manifestation of same idea. I found blog a good mean to record my Random Thoughts. One day these might be published in form of a book.

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