A Way to Go Down in Glory

I won’t die in an accident, I will go down in glory #NomanAkram

Last decade and a half we have been daily losing our sons. Nation’s success against War on Terror is attributable to blood offered by young sons of this motherland. Officer to men ratio of laying down lives is highest in Pakistan’s war against terror in comparison to any other war of history of mankind. Our youth isn’t shying away, in any way from meeting the challenge. I feel youth of this nation is telling enemies of motherland that they should stop dreaming of damaging Pakistan. We shall rise to any level to beat their designs. Allah be willing.

Last two days we faced news of enviable martyrdom of two sons of soil. Col Mujeeb ur Rehman and Wing Commander Noman Akram. What a pain it gives to see them departing. 12 year old son of Col Mujeeb ur Rehman requesting an uncle at funeral not to tell his younger siblings as to what had happened to their father. Oh my God even thought of such a request by a juvenile is so unbearable. Tears filling eyes is involuntary. Particularly, Wing Commander Noman Akram was like to son to me. 1994, his father (then Lt Col) Muhammad Akram Khan was commanding my regiment. I had seen him as a promising young lad. He was brought up infront of us. He joined Pakistan Air Force to pursue his passion. He was a daring man. He gave his life like a hero. Death is inevitable, it’s only the form of death which makes one distinct from another. There is no better death than a martyrdom and that of a hero. It can be called a blessed death. The loss of a life is irreparable, particularly in view of family and children he or she leaves behind. However, there are deaths which leave them proud. The way Wing Commander Noman Akram laid down his life while saving others’ is an epitome of supreme sacrifice. Its only greatest people who rise to this level.

Allah may bless souls of Col Mujeeb ur Rehman and Wing Commander Noman Akram. Allah may also save us from seeing our sons departing. Allah may also bless us a resolve to support the bereaved families. Ameen

1 thought on “A Way to Go Down in Glory”

  1. Ameen. May Allah raise their pedestals in Jannat. And grant patience to their bereaved families. Its indeed a great loss for the whole nation.
    Zahoor Baig.


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