Nature has it’s own ways to impose caution on our wayward behaviours and also teach us lessons. It has happened with previous generations and it is happening with us too. COVID-19 has emerged and created panic on the globe. It has brought in its wake; financial as well as social crisis. Age old practices of socialising, travelling, hugging and hand shake are being abandoned. I hope its temporary but that’s how it is. The nature is teaching us importance of hygiene and sanitation. Taking a cue from Allama Iqbal, Mahmood (the elite) as well as Ayyaz (the commoners) are equally getting exposed to this pandemic. People like Tom Hanks, spouse of Justin Trudeau and Ronaldo have contracted/ suspected of this virus. Though it isnt as deadly as being perceived. However, in Post-Truth era, perceptions matter more than reality and the former drive the decisions and not the later. That’s what is happening. There are contrasting predictions vis, 70 percent of population on the globe will contract the virus within 2020 and COVID-19 will settle as temperatures rise. I subscribe more to second prediction. There are a few thought provoking patterns. Virus spreading along Latitude 40°

Is it related to temperatures? Is it a strange pattern? Are thoughts which come to mind

There are three major blobs of spread ie China, Europe and North America. Again a strange pattern. Is it related to dietary waywardness? Are these countries eating wrong animals?

One hopes and prays that global efforts succeed in quelling this pandemic. China and South Korea are making better progress than few other countries. It’s a change and those who are better prepared to meet this change will fare better and those who are be- fooling themselves will cut a sorry figure. COVID-19 can also serve as tool in hands of inimical forces to create mayhem, disorder, chaos and harm to people.

1 thought on “COVID-19”

  1. Good piece Sam. Latitude 40 thing is a new angle. Worth exploring.
    It might be receding for the northern hemisphere but we, in the south, are entering winters and this may be a long winter.
    Please keep writing on it. There will be many new aspects to it.


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