World Women Day

Today, on HER day, I accompanied my spouse to Presidency for an event organised by Federal Ombudswoman Ms Kashmala Tariq. President of Pakistan Mr Arif Alvi graced the occasion. I shall term it as a huge success for meeting the intended objectives. Felicitations to FOSPAH for celebrating this day in such a befitting manner. While roads of our major cities were occupied by a bit controversial Aurat March, there was a decent dialogue at Presidency to build awareness against harassment of women. Ms Kashmala gave a balanced speech highlighting contibutions of her secretariat in last 10 years. Dr Zafar Mirza advisor to PM brought-to-fore with statistics; discrimination faced by women. Ms Sania Nishter also highlighted how important it is to give rightful place to women of Pakistan. In the end the President made an emphatic speech on importance of empowerment of women. He quoted Quaide Azam who had said, “power of women is greater than the pen and sword”. He spoke at length on inadequacies of inheritance law of Pakistan. His pursuits speak of him being one of the best President Pakistan has had.

We all must stand up for the oppressed. There is no doubt that women and children are oppressed in our society and they face heinous crimes. Each day we are a shamefaced due to crimes against women and chidern. Notwithstanding, controversy over Aurat March, there is a definite need to fight for emancipation and empowerment of women. Good mothers give a good nation. Within overall need of human resource development; Pakistan needs to focus on mothers and children. Pakistan cannot prosper without giving rightful place to women.