Aurat March

Sensitive topics are difficult to touch upon, due to fear that one may not cross the line on either side. As I see my beloved mother land in grip of yet another issue, I come to overpower my hesitation of not speaking. I, for one have always been ardent supporter of emancipation and empowerment of women. Men are being alleged for usurping rights of women. Indeed that’s true to a great deal, however, in my above referred blog I highlighted a contradiction whereby women themselves belittle women. Aurat March is fully supported and a great idea for highlighting injustices against women but run up to this presumably well intended campaign is highly painful. Qamar-Marvi episode, demeaning sloganeering and fake posters doing rounds on social media are disgusting to say the least. This is yet another episode where modalities have killed the spirit of event. Qamar-Marvi episode has left important lessons. Qamar got so much of popularity in last couple of weeks that he could not absorb it and went overboard in his reaction. On other hand Marvi with a tainted past also tried to champion the cause over exuberantly. Both stooped below decency. In the age of social media I feel women by opting for this march have also rendered themselves vulnerable to mudslinging. Its painful to see fake, demeaning, immoral and salacious posters.

I feel the organisers lacked vision and control over events. Whatever noble intent they might have had, ironically their march stands high jacked by ultra liberal component and bad intended people. It has become a mean of division and discord in a society already fragmented. However, on the whole this evolutionary process is highly essential and will do good to the society.

3 thoughts on “Aurat March”

  1. In order to create an issue and divert the attention of the masses from most important events, such activities are being created and supported by anti Pakistan 🇵🇰 and anti Islam elements present inside and outside the country.
    Kashmir issue and atrocities on Muslims in India have been pushed to the background.


  2. very nice and balanced approach presented in the writeup.
    I think the negatively reactive bahavior of Marvi in the live discussion put her cause away from the target (if there was any) and exposed herself….!


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