Women Rights in Pakistan

There are women activists who rightfully fight for women rights. Their efforts are commendable and highly respected. However, it’s unfortunate that it’s the women who themselves undermine the women. Every women wishes and prays to be blessed with a son rather than a daughter. Once a male is a child he sees his mother giving preferential treatment to sons. Best part of food is given to a male child whereas female gets the left over. Best education is given to the male child. Male child is pampered where as female child is considered as a burden. Once same child grows up and gets married, his mother compels him to take control of his wife even if he has to maltreat her. I don’t blame female community for cutting across the pursuit of women empowerment. Even this is due to social pressures, want of social security and preference to future bread earner. Contrarily, logic demands that greater focus should be placed on girls and women as they are groomers of men. Better looked after girls will be better mothers who will ensure a better nation. Unless these contradictions are removed from our society efforts for emancipation of women may stay futile.

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