A B(efore) C

Nature has her own designs to impose caution once humankind goes wayward. Noah’s arc was meant to save the good and perish the evil. Followers of Prophet Loot also faced the wrath of Allah becuase of their misdeeds. In modern world every now and then humankind is baffled with a totally bizarre disease. Two decades ago AIDS spread as an epidemic. It seemed a caution from mother nature due to sexual waywardness of the the West and Africa. Once again the world is scared with incidence of CoronaVirus. There seems to be yet another design of nature to impose caution. Is it that nature has come to impose caution on wayward eating habits by Chinese? While Islam is most stringent on dietary rules, Christianity is a bit lax and Chinese have gone totally wayward.

Islam has laid out logical and comprehensive injunctions for dietary habits of its followers. There is a concept of Halaal and Haram (legal and illegal). Science has been proving periodically that injunctions of Islam are based on wisdom and logic. It is expected that due to CoronaVirus Chinese will realise to mend their ways. It is also surprising that while Chinese have best of wisdom and knowledge but they lack discipline in dietary habits.

I also googled the incidence of epidemics in history of mankind. The data is thought provoking.

From 429BC-1551 there were 16 incidents of epidemic. From 1545-1690 these were 27. From 1702-1798 there were 40 incidents. From 1800-1900 thr number stood at 72. From 1896-2000, 35 incidents of epidemic occurred. From 2001-2019, 69 incidents have been recorded. The numbers speak that as the knowledge is rising so is the number of epidemics. In 21st century merely in first two decades the number is alrmingly high ie 69.

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