Shoddy Intellect

Above are links of my last blog and latest vedio clip of Mr Hoodbhoy. I did not know the gentleman as much as I am now getting to know him through his views. I have heard of pseudo intellect, tainted intellect but this I would call as shameful intellect. His body language belied his arguments. Red face, spitting through mouth shows that gentleman is himself not sure of what he is saying. I read long time ago, JISS KA MUQADMA KAMZOR HO USS KEE AWAAZ OONCHI HOTI HAI (the one who has weak arguments, he shouts louder). A good intellectual should prevent his arguments getting affected by his emotions. Instead of logic he speaks with vengeance. I have no problem with his views but disrespecting our founding father and our ideology is shameful. Providence didn’t bless sufficient time to Muhammad Ali Jinnah to provide sound foundation to the country. This confused intellectual has the qualms to allege him for confusion. We have seen a lot of illogical intellectuals perishing ahead of him. He can also achieve nothing more than satisfying his lowly vengeance. Allah may help such corrupted minds.